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1. "The mission of the Oakbrook Civic Association is to preserve, Protect, and enhance the controlled and aesthetically balanced growth of the Oakbrook area of the Town of Summerville. The historic roots of Oakbrook will be the basis and foundation for all future growth of both residential and commercial enterprise."

2. The mission of the Oakbrook Civic Association is to promote community involvement, historic preservation, livability, and economic stability.

3. The Oakbrook Civic Association is an organization dedicated to planned growth and stability in the Oakbrook Area of Summerville. These objectives will be obtained through visual perception, cohesiveness, amenities and ensuring positive economic conditions are maintained throughout this community.

4. The Oakbrook Civic association is a nonprofit, organization dedicated to fostering a sense of community, preserving historical integrity, livability and fostering planned development in the Oakbrook Area of Summerville.

5. The Oakbrook Civic Association is a nonprofit promoting community involvement of all stakeholders through cohesive planning and vision will promote community, livability, historic preservation and economic vitality. To create a community with mixed use that is attractive, convenient, safe, walk able with a variety of transportation to serve neighborhoods.


The Oakbrook Civic Association will initiate a cooperative board made up of residents, business, and land owners along with local government to develop a vision for the planning and development of the local community. The members will plan and support local promotions, informative website and events to invigorate and unite the community. Events and projects will promote recreation, historical preservation and cultural diversity supporting the local community. The association will act as an information center for residence and business community.